CCTV Inspections

Ditchcreek Utility Services is equipped with a truck mounted camera inspection unit with both main line and lateral line inspection cameras.  This system provides us with the following capabilities: 

  • CCTV Inspection for main line pipe from 6" up 60"
  • CCTV Inspection for lateral pipe from 4" to 10" 
  • All cameras are sonde equipped for precise above ground locating of the camera's underground position. 

We use up to date inspection reporting software to provide our customers with reports that are timely, clear, and accurate.  


Trenchless No-Dig Point Repair

Ditchcreek Utility Services utlizes a specialized air inflated packer to install QuickLock repair sleeves.  The packer and sleeve are positioned inside the pipe using our camera system.  This system can be used to resolve many common issues including: 

  • Leaking joints
  • Cracks and holes
  • Root infiltration
  • Sealing off unused laterals

This point repair system has many advantages over other solutions including: 

  • Permanent reliable fix
  • Can be installed with flow present
  • Quick installation (no cure time) 
  • Reinstates structural strength and integrity of the pipe
  • Can be lined over

Soft Excavation

With our Vactor 2100 combination vacuum/jet rodder truck we are able to provide hydro excavating services.  Hydro excavation is the perfect solution for safe, quick, precise, and damage free utility locating.  

Sewer Line Cleaning/Maintenance

With our Vactor 2100 combination vacuum/jet rodder truck we are able to provide the following sewer line services: 

  • General line cleaning and maintenance
  • Removal of line blockages
  • Root removal
  • Protruding lateral removal